Leadership &
Team Coaching

With the support of powerful coaching, bespoke trainings, and 360˚assessments, leaders and teams can experience benefits such as:

  • expanded capacity for creativity and innovation
  • insights providing answers to complex issues
  • increased employee engagement and fulfillment
  • greater connection and ease in relationships

Are you ready to step into your full potential as a leader? Would you like to meet obstacles with greater creativity, less stress and more ease?

The biggest leaps forward in productivity and performance in business follow insights and inner shifts that can be activated through coaching. You and your team can have greater impact, more resilience, and increased creativity and clarity when problem-solving. Understanding the impact state of mind has at work is a game-changer.

As your coach, I will help you to see what stands in the way of what you would like to create, both at work and in your personal life. Through deep listening and thoughtful questions, our coaching conversations will invite introspection and self-reflection, helping you to access clarity and wisdom that can guide you through even the roughest waters. We will co-create a customized plan that encourages action towards achieving your vision and goals. I am committed to you, and your team, becoming more powerful, authentic, and resourceful.

We decide together how frequently to meet – typically two to three times a month. We can work together in person (as permitted), over the phone, or via video conferencing. Often leaders start with a multi-day coaching intensive for a deeper dive and to create change more quickly. 

As an adjunct to coaching, I offer 360° profiles for you and your team. I am certified to run the Leadership Circle Profile™, which is a potent, well-researched tool that will give you a snapshot of your effectiveness as a leader. It reveals both your creative competencies and reactive tendencies, your strengths and potential blindspots, and can be a springboard for taking your leadership abilities to the next level.

I also offer mentoring to leaders who would like to improve their impact through coaching skills.

Clients who work with us get the benefit of:
  • a certified master coach who excels at big picture thinking and strategy
  • a seasoned consultant with extensive business experience 
  • a creative and intuitive partner who is genuinely committed to your success