Your life and work can feel amazingly different with the support of powerful coaching. Let me help you experience benefits such as:

  • increased clarity and creativity 
  • resilience in dealing with stressful situations
  • more enjoyment of life and work
  • greater connection and ease in relationships

Discover greater clarity, creativity, resilience, and peace of mind.

During these unusual times people come to coaching for support with many things including work-related challenges, difficult transitions, better work/life balance, stressed relationships, launching new ventures and creative projects. I can help you find peace of mind and resilience while facing any situation and expand your capacity for creativity and innovation.

In our work together I will help you to see what stands in the way of what you would like to create, both at work and in your personal life. Using deep listening and thoughtful questions to invite introspection and self-reflection, I will help you to access clarity and wisdom that can guide you through even the roughest waters. You will find easy access to peace, resilience, and creativity, and become more engaged in your work and life with greater impact and success. Coaching is a co-creative and thought provoking process that can profoundly change your life and work.

We decide together how frequently to meet – typically two to three times a month. We can work together in person (as permitted), over the phone, or via video conferencing. Often clients start with a multi-day coaching intensive for a deeper dive and to create change more quickly.

I also offer mentoring for coaches in training and leaders who would like to improve their impact through coaching skills.

Clients who work with us get the benefit of:
  • a certified master transformative coach 
  • a creative and intuitive partner who is genuinely committed to your success
  • a seasoned consultant with extensive experience in business