Brand Coaching
& Consulting

Strong brand positioning can help excelerate business growth. The collaborative process of brand coaching will help you to clarify and effectively communicate your vision. During our work together, you will discover:

  • how to create a compelling brand position
  • how to align your brand with your values
  • the essential building blocks of a successful brand
  • how to integrate and launch your brand

Now is the time to create a strong foundation for your business that will set you up for success.

It’s possible, even in these uncertain times, to set your organization up for success. Now is the time to put a strong foundation in place so you can move through the changing marketplace with agility and clarity. Through a co-creative process I will help you explore and discover what is brilliant about your organization, what is at the heart of your brand. Once that vision is defined, I can help you bring your brand to life through targeted, sophisticated design. There is an honesty and integrity that shine through and make tremendous impact on your consumer when all communications are in harmony.

I enjoy working with people who want to create and lead from their deepest values: entrepreneurs and business owners, leaders and leadership teams, innovators and visionaries. You may want to create a new business, launch a new product, formulate your personal brand, or pivot the focus of your business.
For more than 25 years I worked on the visual and strategic branding for multinational corporations, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in every category. I have seen over and over again, that when the person at the top of an organization has a clear vision, and it is aligned with their deepest values, that clarity informs all aspects of their business: who to hire, how and what to communicate, the look and feel for visual branding, and who to market to.

Clients who work with us get the benefit of:
  • a certified coach who excels at big picture thinking and strategy
  • a seasoned consultant with extensive experience in branding, strategy and design
  • a creative and intuitive partner who is genuinely committed to the success of your business
  • an award winning creative director with a sophisticated sense of design 

“My time with Sandra has been nothing short of amazing. I have spent the last 15 years in the design industry and I have been awed by the unique combination of skills and talents that Sandra has in her armoury. She is uniquely creative and talented, and has a knowledge and understanding of branding gained from years of experience working with top brands. Sandra loves her clients and believes in their potential. She has a kind and effective approach that lovingly coaxes, sometimes challenges, but always supports her clients in seeing their value in the world. I almost forgot to say, there is always LOTS of laughter working with Sandra!”