Permission to Play

A creativity playshop

This will be a space to play, open your mind, get your creative juices flowing and experience insight. We will spend an hour together exploring the power of the arts and playing with different forms of expression. I will guide you through exercises where you may paint, write, move, make sound, or pen some poetry.

This is for you if:

  • you don’t think you are creative, but would like to experiment in a safe space
  • you feel stuck or have low energy
  • you would like to get out of your head
  • you want to reconnect with your creativity
  • you are curious what it’s like to be in flow
  • you enjoy playing and experimenting with the arts!

This playshop brings together my love of the expressive arts, along with my knowledge and direct experience of the transformative and healing power of creative expression. I’ve spent my life passionately engaged in my personal creative journey, including extensive experience with painting, dancing, and writing. When I did my masters degree in counseling psychology, I was certified in expressive arts therapy, and have always enjoyed facilitating insight and healing through creative expression.

Date: Monday February 6th

Time: 11:00am pacific / 2:00pm eastern / 7:00pm UK  (60 minutes)

Price: $33 per person

Your payment enrolls you in the Feb 6th playshop. A zoom link and more information will be sent a few days before we meet.

“Sandra’s greatest asset is her experience and understanding of human performance and creativity. She is an expert at empowering others to step into their unique talents and passions and express them in the world. She does this by engendering a space of clarity and freedom that allows others to swing out and be their best. She leads with compassion, kindness, and curiosity as she helps others uncover their natural born gifts.” 

“Sandra is skilled at reflecting and amplifying a person’s innate wisdom. It is empowering to tune into your own unique expression of life – to recognize it! What was particularly special for me was seeing the other people in the group blossoming in their unique ways.”

“I feel very safe and reassured in Sandra’s open presence. I know she is listening to me with all her channels opened and offers insights and guidance from a deep well of wisdom. Working with her feels like having a true friend and guide on my side.”