Sandra Koenig | Is it possible?
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Is it possible?

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01 Mar Is it possible?

Last year, while I was apprenticing with Michael Neill, I traveled to Hawaii where Michael was co-leading a weekend event with Christine Heath. Over dinner one night, I had a conversation with Christine that rocked my world and completely shifted my understanding of trauma.

I began to see how absolutely possible it is for anyone to return to complete mental health, no matter how much they have felt traumatized by life’s events.

I am delighted to announce that Christine and I will be co-leading the workshop “Transcending Trauma” the weekend of April 7th in beautiful Marin County.

Come join us for an insightful weekend which will focus on simple yet profound principles that help us understand how people can live in well-being, no matter what they have experienced. This understanding is a 180-degree shift from the direction we generally look to help people recover from trauma.

You can find all the details here.