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Fundraiser for Northern California Fires


Donate $100 or more to help fire-victims and receive an hour coaching session from an extraordinary coach.

To help raise money for the Bay Area communities recently ravaged by fire, I’ve organized a group of professional coaches who will gift you an hour of coaching when you donate $100 or more to any organization or fundraiser that directly supports fire victims. See our suggestions below!


If you have ever been interested in checking out what coaching is like, here’s your chance to do that and help those in need! Your coaching conversation can focus on anything you would like support with: relationships, health, work, business problems, better work/life balance, productivity, support for a creative project, anxiety, etc.


Can you help us reach our goal of raising $10,000?

Suggestions for places to donate:

These are ones we have researched – your donations will go directly to support the fire-torn communities in Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Napa.

Patelco Credit Union

Patelco is matching donations up to $100,000, so we are encouraging giving here to double your impact. 100% of the funds raised will go to charities working hard to shelter and feed fire victims.


California Fire Foundation

Provides critical support to surviving families of fallen firefighters, firefighters, and the communities they serve.


Community Foundation Mendocino County

Funding will be given to family resource centers, senior centers, community dining rooms and other non-profits that provide disaster relief and recovery services to households impacted.


Community Foundation Sonoma County

Recovery from these fires will take years, and we’re committed to this community for the long term.


Humane Society of Sonoma County

You may choose to restrict your gift to “NorCal Fire Relief” to ensure we have the resources to support our fire relief efforts for the animals in our shelters.


GoFundMe California Fire Relief

If you would like to donate money in a more personal way, knowing exactly who your funds are going to, we suggest this list of vetted GoFundMe fundraising campaigns. Please donate to the person or cause that feels right to you.

IMPORTANT: We are offering free coaching to anyone directly impacted by the fires. Please email us if you or someone you love could benefit from this support.


1. Make a donation

Choose a charity or organization from the list below, and make a donation of $100 or more.


2. Submit your receipt

Send us the receipt from your donation to one of the listed organizations, or to an organization of your choice that directly helps the Northern California fire victims. Please email us here.


3. Schedule a coaching session

A coach will be assigned to you and a link will be sent to schedule a session within the next month. You can forward this link on to someone you would like to donate the coaching session to.


4. Enjoy a great coaching session

Bring whatever you would like coaching on to your session. We promise there will be no sales pitches, no attempts to enroll you as a client—just great coaching as a gift for your generosity.



Sandra Koenig

Sandra has years of experience coaching professionals, entrepreneurs and creative types, and brings a sense of joy and adventure to every conversation while helping clients explore their fullest potential. She is a Certified Master Transformative Coach currently on staff at Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy.


Fernando Pérez

I am a certified transformative coach and consultant with over 15 years of experience working in media and entertainment. In 2017, I established my private practice to serve creative individuals and organizations unleash their creativity, innovation, and transformative power.


Brianne Grebil

Brianne is a certified transformative coach who helps her clients find peace and clarity. Through powerful conversations she points people back home to their innate power, creativity and wisdom.


Joel Drazner

I am a resilience coach. I will deeply listen to you and point you back to the unconditional resilience, inner peace and loving nature you already always possess. Even one conversation can have lasting lifetime impact.


Mitchell Bakst

I work with individuals to bring clarity, aliveness and expansion to their work and their lives. Through a transformative conversation, they uncover their strengths and talents, unleash their creative potential, and deepen their connection to Life.


Jhanna Dawson

As a coach, I’ve worked with people from all walks of life and during different phases of their lives. Together, we’ll explore how we create our experiences and the endless possibilities for your life. When we change the way we see our world, our world changes.


Brad Gallup

Brad is a certified transformative coach who honorably served 21 years in the active-duty military. His mission is to guide people to their true nature so they experience more connection, creativity and calmness in all aspects of their lives.


Jock Gilchrist

I focus with clients on remembering the ancient truths about our inner nature that can make life feel simple, easy, calm, and well again. When I’m not coaching, I like to play music with friends and explore nature.


Julie Stuart

My approach brings clarity, simplicity, focus, and impact. I work with people who are willing to look and listen for something new to realize more of who they are, what they are capable of and how they can contribute to others in a bigger way.


Kristi Palma

There is a deep, creative and loving intelligence guiding your life. Together we’ll look, listen and feel for what’s emerging through you or your business and dissolve any barriers in the way.

Diane McCarthy

Diane McCarthy